An Unexpected Romance

The sharp ringing of a morning alarm blares through the soothing darkness. Groaning in sleep-deprivation, I blindly throw one arm out to hit snooze.“15 more minutes…” I mumble out loud, falling back into a warm cocoon of deliciously lush blankets. This dance with time continues, a subtle flirtation with personal willpower. Abruptly, I bolt awake to a telltale sun peeking through heavy bedroom curtains. A resigned sigh escapes a weary mouth as I accept with unwavering certainty that yet again I am late.

Welcome to my morning routine. For more than ten years, this was how I greeted the promise of every new day. With a serving of procrastination, poured with treacherously poor time management. Ten years saw littleol’ me acknowledging each morning with adverse actions, which undoubtedly encouraged a similar mindset.

And then one day I met him. He was always there, behind the scenes. Never more than casual acquaintances, he represented a world to me that I did not understand. But just one taste and I couldn’t stop coming back for more. By allowing him into my life, my daily routine, I sprung into mornings of new possibilities. It was the relationship of the century, unlike any love I had ever known before.

He was my daily dose of espresso macchiato. The frothy goodness of a carefully crafted latte. The smell of roasted coffee and the bubbling sound of an old-fashioned stove-top percolator.

My morning routine shifted into something entirely different. Rather than begrudgingly awakening to a new day, I found I stopped hitting snooze and started hitting brew. The cranky grinch-like creature who once feared the rise of a morning was no more. In her place was an eager woman who wholeheartedly treasured getting up earlier and earlier. Sitting at the kitchen window with an aromatic cup, watching the first sun rays graze over a sleepy world outside became a cherished part of every day. Having the luxury of time to enjoy moments in silence before adventuring into the hustle and bustle of the city became the best gift I could give to myself.

What innocently started off as a mere coffee evolved into a routine which encouraged innovative, positive habits. Within a short few months, I observed incremental changes in my sense of self. I stopped having to rush everywhere because I was no longer late to commitments. In turn my stress-levels decreased, and I began appreciating what better control of my time had to offer. Now that I had carved out precious moments in every day, I witnessed an impactful evolution in my relationship with me.

The morning became a sacred spot of self-reflection, one that eventually was built into opportunities to write, meditate and practice further self-care.

The soft ringing of an alarm echoes through the morning air. I slowly open my eyes, languidly stretching my arms as a content sigh escapes me. Already grinning, I swing my legs over the side of the bed, and set my feet on the cold tiles, ready to begin a new day. Once up, I dance my way into the kitchen, heading straight to that beloved coffee pot. Humming an unidentifiable tune, I start to prepare my daily cup of joy, rejoicing in the bliss of not having to be anywhere.

Welcome to a typical morning, complete with practiced self-indulgence in the form of personal time. What began as an unassuming introduction to a morning cup of coffee resulted in a transformed perspective on life. By creating time to breathe with the dawn of every day, I taught myself the necessity of self-appreciation. A crucial lesson had been learned, one which teaches that we all deserve a golden opportunity to reflect and recharge.

My new mantra? Taking life, one leisurely sip at a time.

About Ayurella Horn-Muller

Ayurella Horn-Muller is a freelance journalist and self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur based out of Florida. A frequent contributor to Film Threat, she also writes for Elite Daily and Elephant Journal.

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