Bradley Mountain Coffee Tennyson Notebook

bradley mountain coffee tennyson notebook

Some might say that design, aesthetics, and creativity typify the specialty coffee industry. This caffeinated cultural zeitgeist has pushed creatives and craftsman in similar niches to partner with coffee industry professionals far and wide. Coffee intersects with cycling culture, craft beer, craft chocolate, and artisanal apron making, to name a few. Bradley Mountain’s collaboration with 33Books on the Coffee Tennyson notebook is one such craft artifact for the coffee lover in your life.

bradley mountain coffee tennyson notebook inside

Founded by Tyler Axtell, Bradley Mountain is, in his words:

… a collective that creates, explores and sells handmade accessories, decor, and art, each piece made by a specialist. Some products will be made in community, some will be made by individuals. The purpose here is not to brew competition but cooperation.

Brewing cooperation is a practice the Coffee Compass can support.

bradley mountain coffee tennyson notebook 33books

The inside of the Bradley Mountain Coffee Tennyson Notebook is, in true coffee geekdom-fashionry, a canvas for documenting your coffee adventure. Each page is a basic template for tasting a new coffee. It is formatted for filling out either at home, or on the road. The notebook contains 33 pages and can be replaced with a $4 refill from The Bradley Mountain Tennyson enclosure will set you back $34, but the vegetable tanned leather will grow beautiful, darkening with oil, sun, and water exposure. And a small proportion of the ink contains actual coffee. That’s pretty great. The only downside to having such a long-lasting enclosure would be if 33books no longer carried the coffee journal. We imagine regular Moleskines will fit just as they do in the original “Tennyson” notebook.

bradley mountain coffee tennyson notebook cat

The notebook was released today and there are a limited quantity available. Bradley Mountain is also selling it in a Coffee Christmas Pack alongside their Traveler’s mug, a genuine leather sleeve bound mason jar. It would behoove you to run to the website if you hope to send one (or two) to your favorite coffee blogger… err friend.

You can follow Bradley Mountain via Instagram and tumblr.

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