Coil: A Misc. Goods Co. Coffee Brew Method

Coil Cold Brew Coffee

Any entrepreneur will agree that steady growth in innovating new products is hard to maintain. Tyler Deeb could have easily walked away from one of the most successful playing cards Kickstarters of all time to return to a safe desk job. But he decided he was all in, and has returned to Kickstarter with an innovative coffee brew method. SAY WHAT?!? That’s right. Misc Goods Co. has partnered with Quills Coffee consultant, home roaster extraordinaire, and Coffee Compass guest blogger Chris Heiniger to bring you Coil, a cold brew coffee maker.

Misc. Goods Co. Coil Cold Brew

Coil is the first brew method of its kind, and can cool freshly brewed coffee from essentially boiling temperatures to near 48° in under 4 minutes without ever touching ice. Deeb explains “Quality roasted beans become generic, underextracted and often watered down, which is why we wanted a new way for you to make iced coffee at home. It’s called Coil.” The device works by immersing the copper tubing in an ice bath and then pouring freshly brewed *hot* coffee into the top (either poured from another vessel or directly brewed into).

misc goods co Coil Cold Brew Coffee copper tubing

Misc. Goods Co. Coil Cold Brew Coffee Ice

coil cold brew coffee

The Mortal Coil

Coil is made up of a black ceramic housing for the ice and water, and 9-feet of copper coil tubing for your freshly brewed coffee to funnel through on its path to enlightenment… err being cooled. The design invokes a certain resemblance to the Kone Brewing system, or like something you’d find on the set of the Fifth Element, so we think the sturdiness looks promising. In other words, we don’t even think Hamlet would shake this thing off.

A lot of energy is put into harvesting, roasting, and brewing, but when making iced coffee, most of that hard work is lost.

We’re big fans of the Japanese Iced Coffee method, so maybe we’re not willing to throw out the Peter Giuliano with the bath water, but we’ve never cooled our coffee through 9 feet of copper tubing soaking in an ice bath. Deeb says that the coffee industry is growing like never before and “Coil will add great value to this progression”, and we think that’s spot on. Such innovation in brewing is fun to watch and support. And if the playing cards are any indication, then we can hope for a teal colored Coil in the future!


Iced Coffee in the Winter?

Coil is currently a proposed kickstarter project, so it won’t be available until Spring 2015, just in time for iced coffee season. We haven’t touched one personally, but you can guarantee we’ll be backers on this project. We’ll probably frame that certificate on our wall. Who wouldn’t want Noel Deeb‘s John Hancock?

Image Credit: COIL from GustavFilms on Vimeo.

One thought on “Coil: A Misc. Goods Co. Coffee Brew Method

  1. Cool design and concept….but NOT worth the $325 they’re asking for it. Even the Kickstarter price of $199 is pretty outrageous for a container with copper coils in it.

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