Intelligentsia Video: How to Brew a Pour Over

Has the Hario V60 gone out of style, or has the Kalita wave started to win the pour over war? The answer to that question might still be disputable, but Intelligentsia has always had our hearts, and shows us how to brew on the Hario V60 like hipsters in this two minute video featuring some chill wave music by Cale Parks. And sorry, you won’t be able to see Jesse Raub’s beautiful face, but you can check out him eating pizza among other things on his twitter account.

intelligentsia pour over video building

intelligentsia pour over video

intelligentsia pour over gear

intelligentsia pour over bloom

intelligentsia pour over video truck

We all know Intelligentsia has some of the best videos in coffee. Check out more on their vimeo page. This Chemex Intelligentsia video will forever steal our hearts.

2 thoughts on “Intelligentsia Video: How to Brew a Pour Over

  1. HI Darren
    thanks for the helpful article on how to brew a pour over! I picked up a Grosche Ultramesh pour over (having owned others that need paper filters), and have found it great for flavour and zero grinds as well. It took some work to get it to work well as I broke my gooseneck kettle (dont ask me how), and I havent bought a replacement yet. Do you have a kettle you would recommend?

    As you have mentioned that metal filters let through some solids, the Ultramesh is a metal filter that lets through All of the oils (unlike paper that can sap oils) and none of the grinds. Yes, none. Its amazing. You should try our before a Jui Jitsu session and see if the flavour gives yo a little extra punch that carries through into your training 🙂


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