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Cafe Review: Madcap Coffee in Grand Rapids, MI

Madcap Coffee Grand Rapids Storefront

Coffee City USA

Grand Rapids, Michigan is home to some of the greatest brews in the country. “Beer City USA” may be its reigning title, but Madcap Coffee gives the city another brew to take pride in. Madcap Coffee Company, established only five years ago, has produced nationally-acclaimed barista competitors, a cavalier coffee series, and truly proven they are madcap about coffee.

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Madcap Coffee Shop

98 Monroe Center NW, Grand Rapids, is where owners Trevor Corlett and Ryan Knapp showcase their coffee. As Madcap’s only location and roasting headquarters, the spot is a stunning reflection of the company’s telos: “to make and share amazing coffee”. The space is on the first floor of a beautiful historic building that was gutted and repurposed in 2007 prior to the opening of the cafe in the Fall of 2008. The focal point of the room is a 180° bar -perfect for watching your coffee be brewed, while still being able to converse with the baristas. Madcap’s shiny La Marzocco GB5 cranks out shot after shot of espresso while manual pours-overs are brewed with Kalita Waves (versus the Hario V60). Everything about the interior clicked when I read how Co-Founder Ryan Knapp recently delved into the DNA of the Madcap retail space at the International Coffee Week – Brazil 2013.

Madcap Coffee Grand Rapids Baristas

Madcap Coffee Grand Rapids Kalita Wave Pourover

The Madcap Coffee

Co-Founder Trevor Corlett’s 2013 USBC routine featured two harvests of MadCap’s Didier Reinoso Colombia, one from July 2012 and another from December 2012. I had a V60 pour over of the Luis Reinoso (brother to Didier) Colombia and later a V60 of the Ethiopian Ardi Natural (a coffee dear to our hearts since it is also roasted and served at Sunergos Coffee here in our hometown). I bought a bag of the Didier Reinoso Colombia (which contained both the July and December crops) and a bag of the Sulawesi Toarco Jaya. Tastings both in the shop and at home left little doubt that this was competition worthy coffee.

Madcap also released a noteworthy coffee series where they sold eight single varietals, or cultivars, from the same grower, the Rodriguez family in Apaneca, El Salvador. The series was available for a limited time and showcases one of the reasons why people refer to El Salvador as one of the most progressive coffee producing regions in the world.

Madcap Coffee Grand Rapids Espresso

Madcap Coffee Grand Rapids latte art

The Future of Madcap Coffee
Madcap currently has an office and training center in DC where they are doing wholesale training and offering various types of coffee classes. They also currently host free public tastings on Friday mornings at 10am. Their office is located in Dupont Circle at 1203 19th St NW, Ste 300, Washington, DC 20036. While the location has not yet been announced, there are plans to open a cafe in DC in the next six months.

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“Nothing good can come from Bland Rapids,” might be a saying you’ve heard. Our experience was nothing short of diverse, cultured, and pumped full of delicious craft coffee. We think Madcap is doing something special. The zeal and fervor to push the envelope on what is expected in the coffee companies in the Midwestern region of America while maintaining integrity as they grow has us really excited for what is to come at Madcap. Next time you’re near the hand state, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed to make the stop.

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Photo Credit: Brett Carlson from the VSCO x Madcap Coffee Event

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  1. Very good information. I just found Madcap coffee in L.A. at Cafe Dulce in Little Toyko and wanted to know more about it. Now I know! What a quality operation. Thanks again for the good information.

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