3 Reasons You Need A Thermapen

I know right?

In case you needed three reasons to get a thermapen here they are.

1. Dave Beuhrer Uses it

That’s right folks. It doesn’t get any cooler than Dave. If you want to make sure your cappuccino’s are as cold as Blacksmith’s, then you’ll need lightening fast accuracy. I mean, nothing hurts @hermitudinous more than when you call his milk temp into question. I heard he serves his capps at 90°F.

2. You Will Finally Know The Temperature of Your Head

thermapen gross

Cross your heart, hope to die, stick a thermapen in your eye. Don’t try this at home.

3. You can have your cake and eat it too

thermapen cakeI only eat cake when it’s at 205°F.

DISCLAIMER: The new applewood Thermapen is NOT made from Applewood. It’s just a fancy woodgrain print.

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