Three Must-Visit Coffee Shops in Tokyo

There are few things we enjoy more than traveling. Drinking coffee is one of them. Visiting world-class coffee shops in one of the most exciting cities in the world? That might take the cake. Today we’re living vicariously through guest-contributor Andy Cenci’s recent Tokyo café-crawl. These are Cenci’s top three Tokyo coffee shops you shouldn’t miss:

Verve Coffee, Shinjuku

What happens when a coffee company from a California beach town opens a café in the busiest train station in the world? Shinjuku Station services over 3.6 million people per day, and now those commuters can fuel up on coffee at Verve Coffee. Verve’s first Tokyo store has all of the appeal of the California brand, but does not feel out of place in the upscale shopping area of the Shinjuku station. Japanese hospitality is second to none and this shop embodies that perfectly as they serve drip coffee, pour-overs, and espresso beverages. This shop has a great vibe and high tops seats that are perfect for looking out the windows at everyone going about their shopping or heading for a train.

About Life Coffee, Shibuya

Coffee Shops in Tokyo

About Life Coffee, not too far from the famous Shibuya crossing, is a must visit if you are in Tokyo. Located in a very small space on the side of a building, this café has very limited indoor seating.  But what it lacks in size it makes up for in service and quality- two traits I found in pretty much every shop in Tokyo! The simplicity of this shop and menu really are what make it so special and allow for the coffee to shine. About Life Coffee host a number of Japan-based coffee roasters as well as featuring guest roasters from all over the world.

Splendor, Kotobuki

Splendor Coffee is located on a main street not to0 far from the famous Sensoji Temple and the Tokyo Skytree. This is a very laid back coffee shop with a wide variety of options other than just coffee, offering great craft beer and food options as well. Compared to the other cafés I visited, this shop has a more local feel. Not quite a destination shop for those in Tokyo, but if you want to feel like a local hit up this neighborhood shop.

About Andy Cenci

I am a photographer from Louisville, KY. I have experience with portraits, events, documentary, editorial, and travel. I also work in branding, and creating content for brands. Feel free to contact me and lets grab a cup of coffee.

2 thoughts on “Three Must-Visit Coffee Shops in Tokyo

  1. Wow! So jealous. Thanks for the great shots Andy and the informative article. I can’t hardly wait to visit Tokyo. It’s on the bucket list, but so is Osaka, Kyoto, Mount Kurama, and the Saitama Super Arena. Some day. Until then, I’ll live it through Andy’s work.

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