Watch a Traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony With Cafe Imports

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony from Cafe Imports on Vimeo.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. Thanks to countless heirloom varieties and perfect environmental conditions, Ethiopia grows the best coffees in the world. Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that Ethiopia remains one of the few coffee producing countries that consumes more coffee than it exports.

Like many places in Africa and the Middle East, hospitality takes a sacred place in Ethiopian culture.  And at the center of Ethiopian hospitality is the coffee ceremony, an enchanting ritual in which coffee is selected, roasted, and brewed for one’s guests. Ethiopia remains a dream destination for us, but thanks to this new video from the media team at Cafe Imports, you can witness this beautiful tradition yourself, preferably with some fresh crop Ethiopian coffee in your mug.

ethiopian coffee ceremony

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Argo Sons Coffee

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