These New Products Have the Coffee World Buzzing

Acaia Lunar Espresso Scale

Acaia Luna

Good coffee doesn’t happen by accident. When it comes to quality, precision is critical. Nowhere is this more evident than espresso. Even a half gram difference in dose or yield can have a marked effect on flavor. For espresso, we’re big fans of the American Weigh Sc-2Kg. It’s small, cheap, fast, and accurate, but it has one Achille’s heel: even a small amount of moisture will destroy it. I’ve seen many a barista ruin a scale with a careless steam wand purge or a sloppy pouring technique. But the latest product from coffee tech start-up Acaia promises to be a “barista-proof” scale. In addition to being waterproof, the Lunar offers[Continue Reading…]

Milktooth Revolutionizes Indianapolis’s Coffee Scene


Names have power. Whether intentional or not, Milktooth’s moniker has clear symbolic value: there’s a new era emerging in Indianapolis’s food and beverage scene. The first restaurant from owner/chef Jonathan Brooks has already received national attention for its creative interpretations of breakfast classics. But Milktooth is also taking the multi-roaster cafe model to heights previously unseen in the Hoosier State.[Continue Reading…]

We Put the EK43 on a T Shirt and You Can Get One


If you're like us, coffee t shirts are gradually replacing the band shirts you really liked in college. But we're willing to bet your wardrobe is missing a compass made from everybody's favorite grinder, the Mahlkönig EK43. This beauty was designed … [Continue reading]

Gear Review: Cafe Deluxe French Press


One of the benefits of having a coffee website is that occasionally people send you free things in exchange for publicly sharing your opinion. Recently Cafe Deluxe sent us one of their 1 liter French presses, and we've enjoyed testing it over the … [Continue reading]

Cupping with Blueprint Coffee

Blueprint Coffee

By Eli Keel Louisville's craft coffee scene got a swell treat when St. Louis's Blueprint Coffee stopped by McQuixote Books and Coffee to share a taste of their line of artisanal offerings. Blueprint is a young company that's already making a name … [Continue reading]

Five Reasons to Use a Hand Grinder

hand grinder

1. Spend your money on a burr, not a motor. A good grind is all about the burr. The bigger the burr set, the more consistent the grind. For example, the Baratza Virtuoso has a 40 mm burr set for $229 while the OE Lido 2 has a 48 mm burr for $175.00. … [Continue reading]