Todd Carmichael Reveals Mysterious New Brew Method

Carmichael brewer

In one week international man of intrigue Todd Carmichael will compete in the US Brewer’s Cup, a competition that crowns the nation’s best brewer of black filter coffee. It’s fairly standard for competitors to develop their own customized technique for the competition, but a new video leaked by Carmichael himself reveals the owner of La Colombe has gone so far as to invent his own brew method.

On Twitter Carmichael referred to the apparatus as the “Manual Siphon 2.0″ and spoke of the benefits of “slurry temp profiling”. The video has no sound, but it appears to use multiple chambers to control the temperature of the fully immersed coffee grounds. A plunger causes the mixture to run through a filter and into the bottom chamber of the apparatus, which doubles as a server. Carmichael’s patent-pending use of the Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle makes a showing as well. From all appearances this approach is involved, tedious, and arcane. In a word, we love it.

Hopefully we’ll get an opportunity to sample what we can only dub “the Carmichael Brewer” at SCAA this week. In the mean time we’ll be looking for a glass blower to fashion us one.

From Mexico to Brighton: Watch This Video about Small Batch Coffee Company

Small Batch Coffee Brighton

For American and Canadian coffee drinkers, Mexico is the closest place producing specialty coffee (Hawaii not withstanding). This is not so for Small Batch Coffee Company in Brighton, England- but that hasn’t stopped them from building a direct trade relationship with Finca Muxbal in Chiapas that’s now 3 years strong. According to Small Batch,

 The farm is outrageously beautiful, situated high above the city of Tapachula in Chiapas and straddled by the Mexico-Guatemala border. More importantly the farm is run in the most professional and socially responsible manner I have seen anywhere at origin.

Small Batch recently produced a video with Fat Sand Productions about their long-term partnership, and it has us wanting to pull out our passports and visit our neighbor to the south. After that, a holiday in Brighton may be in order. Watch the video below then scoop up some coffee here. Recommended brewing soundtrack? The Who’s Brighton-based rock opera, Quadrophenia.

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