Ghost Roasting with Nom de Plume Roasters


Opening a coffee roastery is a major operation. A good roaster can be more expensive than a new car, not to mention the cost of goods and infrastructure. But two young coffee professionals in Phoenix, Arizona are flipping the script. Harlin Glovacki and Niko Kovacevic, the duo behind Nom de Plume Roasters, have taken an unconventional approach to starting a coffee company. Inspired by Danish brewery Mikkeller, Glovacki and Kovacevic “ghost roast” their coffee. By renting time on Scottsdale-based Press Coffee’s Probat, Glovacki and Kovacevic are free to invest more of their capital in higher quality coffees. Although Nom de Plume is not even a year old, the company is already attracting some serious attention. [Continue Reading…]

Fine Dining meets Great Coffee at Joule


Defying Expectations

Joule is hard to pin down. Is the Raleigh hotspot a restaurant with a great coffee program or a coffee shop with a great food program? The table service and dinner menu points to the former, while the front counter- arrayed with a custom La Marzocco Strada and a Kalita Wave brew bar -suggests otherwise. Perhaps the question misses the point. Either way, the stunning café from James Beard Award-winning chef Ashley Christensen is brewing some of the best coffee in Downtown Raleigh.[Continue Reading…]

Collective Espresso Opens Second Location in Cincinnati

Collective Espresso

For two years now Collective Espresso has been raising the bar in Cincinnati for specialty coffee. Given the popularity of their Over-the-Rhine café, perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise owners Dustin Miller and Dave Hart wanted to take their … [Continue reading]

Revealing the First Coffee Compass T Shirt

EK43 shirt

Been there, done that... For a little more than two years, The Coffee Compass has been dedicated to being your guide to craft coffee. Through café reviews, brewing tutorials, and barista interviews, we've tried to elucidate the complexities of the … [Continue reading]

Make Coffee Like a Champion with Gwilym Davies

Gwilym Davies

If your New Year's Resolution is learning how to make coffee from a world barista champion, you're in luck. A new video series from Gwilym Davies and European Coffee Trip offers just that opportunity. Davies is the 2009 World Barista Champion and … [Continue reading]

Nose to the Grindstone: An Interview with Mahlkönig’s Kyle Ramage

Kyle Ramage

Grinders are the unsung hero of the specialty coffee industry. They may not be as sexy as a new espresso machine or a custom made kettle, but without them even the best barista wouldn't get very far. We caught up with the man who makes sure those … [Continue reading]