Cafe Review: Revelator Coffee in Nashville

Revelator Coffee

You might might say 2015 has been the year of Revelator. Technically, the Birmingham-based company opened their first café at the end of 2014, but in a span of less than 12 months Revelator Coffee has opened five cafes in as many cities- with a sixth one on the way. We’ve long considered Nashville the South’s coffee capital, so we weren’t surprised that Revelator picked Music City as the site of their fifth café.[Continue Reading…]

Gear Review: KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Brewer


Among my home baker friends, there is no kitchen appliance more coveted than a KitchenAid Mixer. With ten speeds and planetary rotation, a KitchenAid Mixer has features normally only found on industrial mixers.  Throw in a copy of Tartine Bread and a good starter and you’ve got a decent loaf going.

When we learned that KitchenAid was launching a new line of coffee makers, we were intrigued. Normally, we’re skeptical when big appliance companies try to break into the specialty coffee market, but given KitchenAids’s stellar reputation, we had high hopes when KitchenAid offered to send us their Siphon Coffee Brewer to review.[Continue Reading…]

Street Smart: Chicago’s Caffe Streets Sets Bar in Wicker Park

Caffe Streets

If someone walked into your kitchen right now, how clean would it be on a scale of one to ten? As of this writing, my own kitchen is a six. A couple hours ago it was a four and before I go to bed I’ll try to get it to an eight. So it gets messy … [Continue reading]

Meet the Coffee Maker Baristas Dream About

Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker

Your barista has a secret they don't want to tell you. After a grueling work week, making coffee is the last thing they want to do on their day off. Most baristas dream of being able to sleep in and lazily push a button to get that oh-so-needed … [Continue reading]

Nine Reasons You Need Some Cafiza in Your Life


Are you tired of coffee stains on everything you own? Lucky for you there is a miracle substance known to every coffee professional worth their 'spro and its name is Cafiza. No, unfortunately for us, this isn't a sponsored post. It's just the … [Continue reading]

Flatlands Coffee to Open on Halloween

Flatlands Coffee

Aspiring heartland café Flatlands Coffee made national waves with a successful Kickstarter campaign. After a year and a half of wrangling permits and building out brew bars, Ben and Cassy Vollmar are finally ready to open their doors.  … [Continue reading]