Full Immersion Entrepreneurship: An Interview with Luke and Hugh of Sandows London

Sandow London

At The Compass we have tremendous respect for entrepreneurs. A great book we’re reading on the subject says that it takes heart, smarts, guts, and luck to successively start a business. In our estimation, Sandows London has got what it takes. Sure, it may sound kind of risky selling bottled cold brew coffee in a country best known for drinking hot tea, but like their Victorian strongman namesake, Sandows London is defying the odds. We got the chance to chat with founders Luke Suddards and Hugh Duffie and find out what it takes to start your own company in one of the world’s coffee capitals.

Tell us a bit about yourselves. How did you find yourself starting a cold brew coffee company?

Sandows London is Luke Suddards (25) and Hugh Duffie (22) and we became best mates working together at TAP Coffee, where we’ve been for the last few years. (Luke 3.5 years, Hugh 1.5 years) We’ve been fortunate [Continue Reading...]

You Won’t Believe What This Guy Did With a Moka Pot

Moka PotIf you asked us a couple months ago, we would have told you that it’s impossible to make a good cup of coffee with a moka pot. Although this stovetop espresso maker is seemingly ubiquitous across the European continent, our only experience with moka pots have been bitter, acrid, and unenjoyable. But then we stumbled upon this video from Kávékalmár on James Hoffmann’s blog. To summarize, we haven’t questioned our coffee presuppositions so much since we watched Matt Perger’s 2013 WBC routine. After watching this video we feel like we need to add a moka pot to our brew arsenal, not to mention some thermocouples!

Photo from Creative Commons.

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