From the Court Room to a Coffee Farm: an Interview with Thrive Farmers’ Ken Lander

Ken Lander

Meet the man who wants to change the way you buy coffee. Ken Lander is cofounder of Thrive Farmers, a coffee company championing a farmer-direct model in which the farmers retains ownership of their coffee until the final sale. Thrive’s unique model allows the producers to share in a larger percentage of the profits. We caught up with the former trial lawyer to ask him about what it takes to create a sustainable coffee supply chain. 

What inspired you to start Thrive Farmers? 

My inspiration for thinking about making a living as a coffee farmer was out of necessity. In 2008, I lost all of my real estate holdings in the U.S., which was my exit strategy to leave with the family and move to Costa Rica in 2005.
We lived on a coffee farm, grew coffee, and that was the only and most immediate source of income other than returning to the States and being a lawyer again. [Continue Reading…]

Josh Littlefield Embarks on the Great American Coffee Tour

Josh Littlefield
Many of us fantasize about quitting our job, throwing a bag in the back of a truck, and café-crawling our way around the country. Josh Littlefield is actually doing it. The former New York-based barista is spending the next year sipping his way around the 48 contiguous states, and he’s got a website to prove it. We got a chance to ask Littlefield a few questions about his journey before he debarked on the Great American Coffee Tour earlier this month. 
What inspired you to quit your job and go on a nationwide road trip centered around coffee?

The specialty coffee community has been a welcoming home for me over the last 4 years. From NYC to New England, at competitions and all over the country, so many folks I’ve met have been just wonderful. This seemed like[Continue Reading…]

Will the Ona Coffee Distributor Make Your Espresso Taste Better?

Ona Coffee Distributor

One of the most basic barista tasks is also the hardest to master. Over the course of a shift, a typical barista will pull hundreds of shots of espresso. In order to pull a decent shot, the barista must evenly distribute the ground coffee in the … [Continue reading]

New Short Film Highlights Women in Coffee

Women in Coffee

From the farm to the café, women play an important role in every part of the coffee supply chain. A new short film from Equal Exchange celebrates the leadership that women provide in their company. We watch as their green coffee buyer meets with an … [Continue reading]

Raleigh’s BREW Coffee Bar Displays Diversity of North Carolina Coffee

BREW Raleigh

If you mention coffee in North Carolina, most people think of one company, and for good reason. With training centers scattered across the country, two US barista champions, and unparalleled wholesale support, Durham-based Counter Culture Coffee is … [Continue reading]

Matt Argo of Good Folks Coffee Talks Rebranding, Origin, and Expansion

Good Folks Coffee

Matt Argo is quietly building a coffee empire. From humble beginnings in a basement to a brand new roasting facility in Louisville's Shelby Park neighborhood, Argo's Good Folks Coffee Company is going places and shows no signs of slowing down. We … [Continue reading]