Five Amazing Must-Try Aeropress Recipes

Home coffee enthusiast Chris Heiniger lifted the Gold Aeropress at the 2015 Eastern Aeropress Championship, but the competition featured too many creative Aeropress recipes not to share a few of our favorites. Warning: you probably won’t be able to get through this post without grabbing your brewing kit and giving a few of these killer Aeropress recipes a try.

Erika Moore, Bonlife Coffee

aeropress recipes

  • 15 g. Ringer Blend from Bonlife Coffee: 50% Ethiopia natural process Tswana, 50% Granja La Esperanza Geisha Peaberry
  • 240 ml. of water poured over 25 seconds
  • Steep for 20 seconds
  • Stir back and forth
  • 1:20 plunge
  • Aerate and pour awesomeness

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Handground: the World’s First Crowdsourced Coffee Grinder

A new hand grinder is poised to change the way you brew coffee. Handground is the world’s first crowdsourced coffee grinder. Company founders Daniel Vitielo, Brandon Warman, and Joaquin Herlein explain, “We were attempting to apply a Japanese principle called Kaizen to our coffee routine… Since Kaizen means continuous improvement we started to look for better options. Yet after searching the market and seeing the same ancient designs being repeated over and over we finally thought, we can do better.” Handground enlisted the input of over 1,000 coffee professionals and home enthusiasts worldwide during each step of the design process. Everything from the overall aesthetic, the ergonomic crank, and even the name of the company was voted on by the panel of contributors.  The collaborative effort has clearly touched on a perceived need in the coffee community. Their Kickstarter project was fully funded on its first day and show no signs of slowing down. [Continue Reading…]

Chris Heiniger Wins 2015 Eastern Aeropress Championship


Chris Heiniger of Louisville, Kentucky is the 2015 Eastern Aeropress Champion. The regional competition was hosted on January 31st by Louisville micro-roaster Quills Coffee in partnership with Prima Coffee. Eighteen baristas and coffee enthusiasts … [Continue reading]

Ghost Roasting with Nom de Plume Roasters


Opening a coffee roastery is a major operation. A good roaster can be more expensive than a new car, not to mention the cost of goods and infrastructure. But two young coffee professionals in Phoenix, Arizona are flipping the script. Harlin Glovacki … [Continue reading]

Fine Dining meets Great Coffee at Joule


Defying Expectations Joule is hard to pin down. Is the Raleigh hotspot a restaurant with a great coffee program or a coffee shop with a great food program? The table service and dinner menu points to the former, while the front counter- arrayed with … [Continue reading]

Collective Espresso Opens Second Location in Cincinnati

Collective Espresso

For two years now Collective Espresso has been raising the bar in Cincinnati for specialty coffee. Given the popularity of their Over-the-Rhine café, perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise owners Dustin Miller and Dave Hart wanted to take their … [Continue reading]