Will This New Tamper Change the World?

As any barista trainer will tell you, one of the most difficult barista skills to master is tamping. Sure, it looks easy enough. You just take the tamper and press down. But even the slightest inconsistency in your tamp will have an adverse effect on your shot. But new tamper from German manufacturers Mahlgut aims to change that.[Continue Reading…]

Find Something You Can Eat at Fox in the Snow Cafe in Columbus

Fox in the Snow Cafe

There’s a quiet revolution happening in American coffee shops. Once a bastion of subpar pastries and cellophane wrapped snacks, a new wave of cafés are giving food the same care and attention as their coffee. It’s hard to find a better example of a coffee shop with a next level baked goods than Columbus, Ohio’s Fox in the Snow Café.[Continue Reading…]

Buzzfeed Lampoons Coffee Snobs in New Video

We all have a friend who takes their coffee a little too seriously. If you read this website regularly you might be that friend. Who are we kidding? We are too. If you are, be prepared to take a well-deserved ribbing from Buzzfeed, the same news … [Continue reading]

Cafe Review: Blueprint Coffee in St. Louis

Blueprint Coffee

At the end of Vincent Minelli's classic musical Meet Me in St. Louis, the Smith family looks out over the 1904 World's Fair and remarks "To think it's in our hometown." Today, St. Louis baristas can observe the local coffee scene and come to the same … [Continue reading]

Unwavering Hospitality at Nashville’s Steadfast Coffee


When was the last time you went to a coffee shop and felt like the star? While craft coffee has focused on improving the product, the customer experience has largely been overlooked. Nashville's Steadfast Coffee is trying to change that. When we … [Continue reading]

Watch Coffee Trees Sprout in This Trippy New Video


What happens when you plant 100 coffee cherries you picked in Costa Rica? Turns out some pretty crazy stuff. Kávékalmár, the same creative team behind these genre-defining short films, just released a project 150 days in the making. SPROUT - … [Continue reading]