Coil: A Misc. Goods Co. Coffee Brew Method

Coil Cold Brew Coffee

Any entrepreneur will agree that steady growth in innovating new products is hard to maintain. Tyler Deeb could have easily walked away from one of the most successful playing cards Kickstarters of all time to return to a safe desk job. But he decided he was all in, and has returned to Kickstarter with an innovative coffee brew method. SAY WHAT?!? That’s right. Misc Goods Co. has partnered with Quills Coffee consultant, home roaster extraordinaire, and Coffee Compass guest blogger Chris Heiniger to bring you Coil, a cold brew coffee maker.

Misc. Goods Co. Coil Cold Brew

Coil is the first brew method of its kind, and can cool freshly brewed coffee from essentially boiling temperatures to near 48° in under 4 minutes without ever touching ice. Deeb explains[Continue Reading…]

You Probably Need Blue Crow Media’s London Coffee Map

London Coffee Map
I began my lifestyle blog with something that is pretty central to it; and that is coffee. Being a stimulant, I find that coffee easily becomes a catalyst for conversation, creative thoughts and ideas.

Especially over the past year or two, I’ve had a bit of reawakening for the drink. It’s gone from the necessary morning wake-up routine, to a soothing break midway through an afternoon. But I’m obviously not alone with this thinking – and when you have a city like London, populated with citizens and travellers who all demand a coffee that ticks a number of boxes that other coffeehouses can’t, a problem arises. This is where Blue Crow’s London Speciality Coffee Map comes into play.[Continue Reading…]

Cafe Review: Bluestone Lane in Manhattan’s Financial District

Bluestone Lane

New York City occupies an almost mythic place in the American mind. Countless stories have been written about the young traveler to the city, looking for fame, for fortune, or simply, for a place to live. Many years ago they might have gotten off a … [Continue reading]

Coffee Meets Design: Tyler Deeb Talks Madison Coffee & Tea in Indiana

Madison exterior

Designer Tyler Deeb is no stranger to coffee. Before executing one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time, Deeb worked as a barista for Quills Coffee, where he cut his chops as a designer making t-shirts and Quills's logo … [Continue reading]

A Look Inside Golden Sound: Barista Parlor’s Stunning New Café

Barista Parlor Golden Sound

Good as Gold With a highly refined aesthetic and an unparalleled selection of specialty coffee roasters, Barista Parlor has set the standard for boutique coffee shops for the past two years. The café is known to produce rather visceral reactions on … [Continue reading]

Kopi Indo: Exciting Developments in Indonesian Specialty Coffee


Like in other countries, the past few years have seen specialty coffee picking up steam in my home country Indonesia. Below is an exploration of the scene based on my recent trip to Jakarta and Bali. Killing time while my wife was pampered with a … [Continue reading]