Is This The Best Barista Documentary Yet?

Here at the Coffee Compass we love barista competitions and documentary films. It just so happens that Prima Coffee shares this esoteric intersection of interest. Their new documentary, The World Barista Championship – A Global Influence, takes a look at the 2015 World Barista Championship. Sure we’re biased– Prima is one of the companies that helps sponsor us — but we think this film is one of the finest examples of coffee cinema we’ve seen yet. The film is narrated by Steve Rhinehart and features interviews with a smattering of World and National champions, including James Hoffmann, Tim Wendelboe, and Laila Wilbur. Hats off to cameraman/editor Cody Maher and the rest of the Prima crew.

Gear Review: Monarch Methods Kettle


A few months ago we published a short post admiring our friend Brian Schiele’s Monarch Methods Kettle. Someone must have read the article, because my coworkers at Quills Coffee surprised me with one as a graduation present. I was taught to never look a gift horse in the mouth, but considering how fortunate I feel to get my hands on one of these Canadian-imports, I couldn’t help but share my thoughts about the Monarch Methods Kettle 500ml.[Continue Reading…]

Jim Gaffigan’s 9 Best One-liners about Coffee

Jim Gaffigan coffee

You know craft coffee has gone mainstream when stand-up comics are ripping on it. In Jim Gaffigan's book Food: A Love Story he dedicates several pages to how his caffeine addiction led to an appreciation of specialty coffee. The result is both a … [Continue reading]

Five Things I Learned From Scott Rao’s The Coffee Roaster’s Companion

Rate of Rise

There are few things as humbling as trying to learn how to roast coffee. It might seem simple enough, but it's a complex skill that very few people have mastered. Thankfully, coffee legend Scott Rao has finally published his magnum opus, The Coffee … [Continue reading]

This Video about Great Coffee in Aarhus, Denmark is Hauntingly Beautiful

Great Coffee Aarhus

2015 is turning into the year of mid-length coffee films. After sharing Cafe Imports's new series about Ethiopia and Kávékalmár origin trip to Costa Rica, we decided to lay off the video posts- but then we stumbled upon this gem from Aarhus, … [Continue reading]

A Look Inside BLK \ MRKT In Traverse City, Michigan


The greatest joy of working in coffee is not having access to industrial grade equipment or even the incessant supply of free espresso. Instead, it's the interesting people you meet, serve, and work alongside of. Few people have made an impression on … [Continue reading]