Geyik Coffee Roastery & Cocktail Bar Makes Waves in Istanbul

Geyik Coffee

It’s a quiet morning in Istanbul’s Cihangir neighborhood, and Serkan Ipekli is tired. The 2013 Turkish Barista Champion is fighting an ear infection, but he’s also experiencing the grueling pace of running what amounts to be a 24/7 business: Geyik Coffee Roastery & Cocktail Bar. Geyik, which means “deer” in Turkish, only opened five months ago, but it’s already been a wild ride.[Continue Reading...]

I Made Coffee With Todd Carmichael’s Dragon Brewer

The dragon brewer

Enter The Dragon Brewer

I’m in my living room with a black plastic suitcase- the kind musicians use to transport expensive equipment and mobsters use to hold weapons and drugs. Inside is what Todd Carmichael has dubbed “The Assassin Kit”, which contains a first production run of his renowned brewer, The Dragon. It also includes an [Continue Reading...]

Quills Indianapolis to Open in November

Quills Indianapolis

Louisville-based roaster Quills Coffee announced today that they are expanding to Indianapolis this fall. Quills (which also happens to be my other place of employment), already roasts their coffee in New Albany, Indiana - a small town directly … [Continue reading]

Interview: Founders of Lineage Coffee in Orlando, FL

Lineage Coffee in Orlando

Lineage Coffee in Orlando rescued me from the horrors of Disney theme parks and the apocalyptic traffic it produces. In the words of the immortal Gob Bluth, “It’s an illusion Michael”. They promised castles, fireworks, and cool hangs with A-list … [Continue reading]

5 Southern Coffee Roasters You Must Try Now

southern coffee roasters

There’s an old idiom—“When it all goes south…”—that is commonly used to describe something that is declining in value or quality. One could justifiably argue that the state of Southern coffee roasters has “gone south.” Now, I’m a Chicagoan and, to … [Continue reading]

Intelligentsia Video: How to Brew a Pour Over

intelligentsia pour over bloom

Has the Hario V60 gone out of style, or has the Kalita wave started to win the pour over war? The answer to that question might still be disputable, but Intelligentsia has always had our hearts, and shows us how to brew on the Hario V60 like hipsters … [Continue reading]