The Innovative Home Barista That Shocked the World

Mikey Rinaldo

Field of barista dreams

For career baristas, coffee competitions are where dreams are made and hearts are broken. To the winners belong respect, accolades, and some really cool swag. To the losers, disappointment and the agonizing wait until next year. Amidst a highly competitive regional competition circuit, one home barista defied the odds and qualified for the US Brewers Cup Championship. It’s exceedingly rare for an independent home barista to compete. For someone with no professional experience to place in the top six is unheard of. But then again, Mikey Rinaldo is no ordinary person.[Continue Reading…]

Come for the Food, Stay for the Coffee at Crepe Bar in Tempe, AZ


A Foodie Favorite

We have a fairly simple policy for finding tasty coffee in Arizona: go where Bryan Schiele goes. The mustachioed software engineer has a caffeine tolerance that could drink most baristas under the table, and a palate as refined as a master sommelier’s.  As anyone who follows his fantastic blog already knows, the guy drinks a lot of coffee. So when Bryan invited us to visit Crepe Bar with him, we didn’t have to think twice. [Continue Reading…]

Double, Double, Coil and Trouble: An Interview with Tyler Deeb of Misc. Goods Co.

coil 1

With more than a week left, designer Tyler Deeb has already successfully funded his second Kickstarter project. Coil is a device that flash chills coffee without diluting the brew. Tyler enlisted the Coffee Compass to beta test his prototype, and we … [Continue reading]

Quills Coffee Indianapolis Is Now Open

Quills Coffee Indianapolis

The Crossroads of America Some would say it's long overdue, others would say it's long been underrated. Either way, Indianapolis's food and beverage scene is gaining some serious momentum. Recent openings like Thunderbird and Milktooth prove that … [Continue reading]

Chia Pod Wants You to Eat Intelligentsia Coffee

Chia Pod and Intelligentsia

Super Food Meets Super Coffee If there's anything hotter than specialty coffee right now, it's chia seeds. The omega-3 rich super food is popping up in everything lately. It was only a matter of time before someone tried to mix it with nature's … [Continue reading]

Monarch Methods: A Kettle Fit for Royalty

Monarch Methods

The Search for the Perfect Kettle A good gooseneck kettle is an essential tool for making pour over coffee. Like many baristas, our first gooseneck kettle was the ubiquitous Hario Bueno Kettle. Still a fixture of budget-conscious cafés everywhere, … [Continue reading]