Cafe Review: High Brow Brew in Franklin, TN

IMG_1884_mochaJust a few years ago, the Westhaven community in Franklin, Tennessee was a pasture outside of town. That land is now home to High Brow Brew, a new café serving Counter Culture Coffee.

High Brow celebrated their first anniversary in April and has won over many of the locals according to store manager Carter Quinn. Carter, who previously worked for Intelligentsia, has seen this café become an outlet for both serving and educating her patrons.

High Brow Brew

The space of this café has a tangible element to it. The huge light bulb “HB” sign above the bar announces itself as soon as you step inside. The wood grain of the walls and the mirrors form a juxtaposition of texture. While noticing this, you find yourself caught in the illusion of an infinite corridor created by the two mirrors. A tattered American flag drapes down the rustic wall in the hallway.


High Brow Brew not only serves delicious brewed coffee and espresso (pulled on their La Marzocco Strada MP) , but has also honed their specialty drink game. They have gone so far as to create their own flavored simple syrups.


While I was there, I sampled their latest specialty drink: The Reginald, named after an actor from Family Matters. This chilled, orangey beverage is barista Rhett Noland’s summer drink invention. It’s a modified cortado with 2 ounces of milk, 2 shots of espresso, earl grey simple syrup, and orange zest. It tastes both familiar and foreign. This drink is bright and creamy with notes of chocolate and oranges.

high brow brew

I also had a cup of Kilenso Mokanisa Ethiopia. The aroma was heavy and juicy. It tasted like berries and was very sugary. This coffee had the lightness of a more floral coffee, but with a juicy and jam-like mouthfeel. There was almost no bitterness and this cup made for a delicious experience.

high brow brew

High Brow Brew is a café that offers competence in beverage quality and kindness in service. If you find yourself in Franklin, Tennessee be sure to visit.

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Kathleen bio picKathleen Hartsfield is a new employee at Barista Parlor and a recent graduate of Union University.  After three years of working at Barefoots Joe, the campus coffee shop, she is very excited about coffee and its potential to cultivate rich experiences. Some of her favorite things to do are planning events for her friends, taking photos, and riding her Penny skateboard. Originally from Texas, Kathleen now lives in Tennessee.

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