You Have to See Mission Coffee’s Cold Brew Bike

Mission Cold Brew BikeIt’s iced coffee season. And even though cold brew is a breeze to make at home, there’s nothing quite like tapping into a keg. If only everyone was as lucky as residents of Columbus, Ohio, which is home to Mission Coffee Co.’s Cold Brew Bike. The popular Short North cafe recently launched their pedal-powered cold brew cart, which features two taps, wooden siding, and super classy old-timey lettering.


The only thing I love more than brewing coffee at home is putting some miles on my bicycle. While I don’t think Mission’s Cold Brew Bike will be completing any mountain stages in the Tour de France, it’s perfect for a picnic in the park or a quick jaunt over to a friend’s barbecue. In short, I want one, though I may have problems convincing my wife we need a fifth bicycle. DSC_5040

Besides, there’s no way I could pull off those aviators like this guy. I guess we’re better off plotting another trip to Columbus some time soon. DSC_5064

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