Coffee Community Buzzing About Oatly’s Super Bowl Ad

It’s safe to say that Oatly, the one-time plant-based milk darling of the specialty coffee community, has officially gone mainstream with their recent Super Bowl commercial.

The commercial features Oatly CEO Toni Petersson playing a keyboard in a field of oats.  With a voice unlikely to upstage Super Bowl halftime performer The Weeknd, Petersson croons “It’s like milk made for humans.”

The Super Bowl, like most versions of popular professional sports, is not particularly popular in the barista community, but the commercial promises to introduce their product to a wider audience. Even if initial reactions have been less than positive.

It’s not the first time Oatly has been in hot water with ethically-conscious consumers. Previously the company caught flack when Chinese government-owned China Resources bought a stake in the company, followed by the private equity firm Blackstone. The controversy, however, has not stopped the company from soaring to a $2 billion valuation.

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