Cup of Joy in Istanbul Looks Heavenly in this New Video

Cup of Joy BebekIn the past two years the specialty coffee scene in Istanbul has exploded. We covered one of the first quality focused cafes that opened in Turkey’s largest city, and we’re beyond excited about all of the new cafes we’re going to visit in August when we’re back in the country for two weeks. One of those cafes is Cup of Joy in Istanbul’s posh Bebek neighborhood. I’m not ashamed to admit when I lived in Istanbul, I frequented Bebek’s Starbucks. I may not be a fan of dark, stale espresso, but I’m a big fan of drinking coffee next to the deep blue water of the Bosphorus, and Bebek has some of my favorite Bosphorus views.

CUP OF JOY from Nople Productions on Vimeo.

Cup of Joy may be a new shop, but they’ve already produced a Turkish barista champion. After watching this video from Nople Productions, it’s easy to understand why. Be prepared for some level tamping, pretty latte art, and smooth jazz. And what would a Turkish coffee shop be without some simit?


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3 thoughts on “Cup of Joy in Istanbul Looks Heavenly in this New Video

  1. Hi Michael,
    Thanks a lot for your wonderful review. I am one of the team members of ‘Cup Of Joy’ and we would love to see you in Istanbul soon. Best, Ebru

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