Double, Double, Coil and Trouble: An Interview with Tyler Deeb of Misc. Goods Co.


With more than a week left, designer Tyler Deeb has already successfully funded his second Kickstarter project. Coil is a device that flash chills coffee without diluting the brew. Tyler enlisted the Coffee Compass to beta test his prototype, and we were very impressed. Our brews featured a depth of flavor and a balance of acidity and sweetness we had yet to experience in an iced coffee. Needless to say, we’re excited to see this device go into production. We met with Tyler and asked him a few questions about the design, science, and story behind Coil.

Tyler Deeb

How does the Coil work?

Coil works the same way many heat exchangers work — even similar to how an espresso machine works (only in reverse). The unit is made up of 4 pieces — The bottom container, the middle container, the lid and the coiled copper tubing which sits in the middle container. You pour or brew (using a V60) your freshly made hot coffee into the lid, it passes through a hole which leads to the mouth of the copper tubing within the second container. The coil is surround by ice water so that when the hot coffee flows through, the coffee exchanges it’s heat with the cold as ice tubing. Once the coffee passes completely through the coil into the bottom container it has cooled down immensely; even as low as 48 degrees without ever touching ice. At that point you can use the spout on the bottom container to pour into your glasses.

Where did the idea come from?

The concept for the process belongs completely to Chris Heiniger — a close friend and coffee roaster here in Louisville.

tyler deeb

At what point did you realize Chris’s invention had production potential?

Chris himself is a careful and critical thinker — He shared the idea with me over a year ago as we were just hanging out at his house. He by no means was pitching the concept to me – he just wanted to show me one of his hobby projects. He had made a crude prototype using an old plastic gallon ice cream bucket and self bent copper tubing that he had bought from Home Depot. He made me a cup for me — every part of quality I know from his brewing of hot coffee had translated perfectly to the cold cup. I just thought — why the hell doesn’t this thing exist already? That’s when I took over. Chris was far too busy with other endeavors and I had just started to cut my teeth on product design. So the timing felt right.

What inspired the design?

The design of this product is a part of a larger aesthetic I am trying to create within Misc. Goods Co. Products that feel like they could have been manufactured 100 years ago — yet feel new. I really just tried to make something simple and attractive.

Traditionally there are two ways to make iced coffee, cold brew and Japanese iced coffee. The Coil is decidedly different than these other two techniques. How does it taste?

The coffee that is brewed through Coil will only taste as good as the coffee your using and the method your brewing it to. The point of Coil is to make iced coffee that maintains the quality of the hard work that has gone into the process up to that point. Without having to change your methods and preventing the opportunity to have it watered down. Basically — you can enjoy your favorite type of hot coffee cold.

coil 4

The ceramic parts of the Coil are being made by Mudshark Studios, the same people who make Able Brewing’s Kone. Was that intentional?

No — it’s just a coincidence. I met Brett from Mudshark as I was visiting friends in Portland. Mudshark manufacturers the MGCO flask — and we’ve been working together for 2 years — long before this concept came about.

Your last Kickstarter project was a surprise run-away success. Do you think the Coil has the same potential?

To be honest — This project has left me more insecure and wondering then I can recall in recent years. I’ve believed in it since day one — and have been putting one foot in front of the other to create it. At this point it’s out of my hands.  I really hope people can be gracious and excited for it’s development — but I also know that it will probably cause questions and debate. As far as I can see — it could flop — do moderately well — or catch like wildfire. Regardless — my responsibility is the same — be faithful, be content and rest in my God, family and community.


Images of Coil by Matthew Stevenson and Molly Roberson

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  1. Great to finally see the Coil online! Chris is one of my coffee gurus, and he’s been talking about it for a while now. Can’t wait to let him pour me some cold brew. ; )

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