Five Coffee Tips for Surviving the Holidays

While there may be no place like home for the holidays, the coffee at home probably isn’t very good. For some, there’s a certain nostalgia that comes from drinking supermarket coffee— laced with ample amounts of cream and sugar. But for us, it just tastes like a burnt hot plate and regret.

Still, one must approach bringing your own coffee home with a certain amount of discretion. So if you want to make sure you’re adequately caffeinated this Christmas, follow these easy tips.

1. Give your family a good coffee grinder

Do your parents want a Baratza coffee grinder for Christmas? Probably not. Should that stop you from giving them one so that you can have fresh ground coffee when you visit? Also no. Trust us, gifting your family a good burr grinder is the gift that keeps on giving.

2. Pre-dose your coffee

Worried what your parents will think if you bust out a gram scale to make coffee this Christmas? Take a cue from busy coffee shops and try pre-dosing your coffee so that you can grind and go.

3. Order Some Cometeer

If you told us 10 years ago when we started this website that in the future we would be able to order frozen coffee on the internet and that it would be *good*, we probably wouldn’t have believed you. But alas, thanks to Cometeer and their super high tech, super secret process, this is the world we live in.

4. Use a Thermos 

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: just as you’ve finished making your coffee, there are groceries to unload, presents to wrap, and one of the kids has set the Christmas tree on fire. With a quality thermos, there’s no reason to fear coming back to a cold cup of coffee.

Pro-tip: let your coffee cool for 5-10 minutes before decanting into your thermos to get optimal mileage at an ideal drinking temp.

5. Make frequent trips to the closest coffee shop

Sometimes, the best way to ensure quality time with the family is to make sure everyone gets a coffee break (or three). Remember, those baristas probably didn’t get a Christmas bonus, so be sure to tip big.


Photo by Aaron Oneal courtesy of Etkin.

One thought on “Five Coffee Tips for Surviving the Holidays

  1. making coffee for family around holidays is literally required for our family! LOL both my family and my wife’s family would line up waiting for a coffee made by my wife, it is hilarious(maybe not to her) but I definitely advise if anyone doesn’t have a espresso machine, coffee grinder, and syrups(bare necessities for holidays with coffee), Get them, you wont regret it!

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