From Ship to Cup: A Stunning New Video From TAP Coffee

TAP coffeeTAP Coffee is one of our favorite cafes in London. From the souvenir spoons that grace each cappuccino and espresso to the carefully sourced and roasted coffees, TAP understands the importance of nuance and craft.

A new wave of coffee short films has shown us the world of coffee production, but From Ship to Cup, made by Juriaan Booij, highlights the last stage of the process. This stunning video reveals the meticulous work that goes into making your cup of coffee, including transport, roasting, cupping, and brewing. The observant viewer will notice one of TAP’s roasters, Hugh Duffie, hard at work both behind an espresso machine and at the helm of their vintage Probat roaster! In all, TAP has us wondering when we’ll get to make it across the pond again!

From Ship to Shelf from Tap Coffee on Vimeo.

Photos by Ben Willis.

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