Learn How to Brew Coffee Like Todd Carmichael

How Brew Coffee like Todd Carmichael

The Indiana Jones of Coffee

Todd Carmichael is an international man of mystery. The man has transversed Antarctica on foot, written for Esquire, and is the star of his own reality show on the Travel Channel. He also knows how to brew an incredible cup of coffee.

Carmichael, who owns La Colombe Coffee Roasters, turned more than a few heads when he won the Northeast region of the US Brewers Cup this year. In April, he’ll brewdown with 17 other leading baristas for the right to represent the United States at the World Coffee Championships in Rimini, Italy. What’s his secret? Well thanks to a Youtube video posted by the legend himself you can learn how to brew coffee like Todd Carmichael.

Carmichael calls his technique “Polished Immersion – Suspended Double Filtration“, which – you guessed it- ¬†uses full immersion and two forms of filtration. The genius of Carmichael’s approach is the way he modifies each piece of equipment to suit what he wants to accomplish. Personally, we can’t believe we never thought of glueing our electric kettle to its base!

What You’ll Need

Photo from the Travel Channel.

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