Matt Perger of St. Ali Geeks out in “Man vs. Volumetric”

Man vs Volumetric – by Matt Perger for St Ali from St Ali on Vimeo.

Matt Perger, 2012 World Brewer’s Cup (WBC) champion, St. Ali barista in Melbourne, Australia, and internet video sensation brings us this video on what an elementary analysis in coffee extraction can yield (pun intended). The video commentary on his vimeo page is worth the read, mentioning control variables and experimental bias.

His conclusion: “I think it’s safe to say: if you’re not using volumetrics or weighing every single shot’s dose and yield, your espresso bar will be grossly inconsistent. There’s really no excuse, it’s 2012.”

The video shakes them haters off, geeks out on ‘spro stats, and features delightful music. Enjoy.

[HT: Sprudge]

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