Mediterranean Vibes at The Sudd Coffee in Antalya, Turkey

The Sudd CoffeeAntalya, Turkey is famous worldwide for its beautiful Mediterranean beaches and picturesque mountains, which line the coast in dramatic fashion. The water stays warm late into Autumn, making it a popular vacation destination for European tourists seeking nicer weather. But while most visitors see almost nothing of the city on the way to their all-inclusive resort, coffee lovers have a good reason to make a detour before jumping in the sea: The Sudd Coffee in Antalya’s Konyaltı neighborhood.

When I walked into The Sudd, my attention was drawn to a prominent sign written in English: “The Only Way to Do Great Work is to Love What You Do.” It’s clear the baristas at The Sudd love what they do. The space is very contemporary, a sleek white-on-white interior that still manages to feel welcome and inviting. Espresso is prepared on a La Marzocco Linea PB espresso machine, and an array of different brew methods line the counter for filter coffee by the cup.

Along with a thoughtful selection of pastries, the Sudd serves coffee roasted by Istanbul’s Probador Colectiva, a pioneering roaster in the Turkish scene known for its commitment to sourcing quality coffee. It’s easy enough to find Probador in third wave coffees around the country, but it’s rare to find it prepared with such attention and care.

The Sudd Coffee

I started things off with an espresso: a single origin Honduras that was sweet and balanced. With overly sour espressos still dominating the third wave scene around the world, I’m always happy to find a shot with characteristics beyond face-ripping acidity. Next I moved on to cup of filter coffee, while my friends settled in with a flat white and cortado. We all agreed our drinks were excellently prepared: as good as you’ll find in larger markets like Istanbul or Izmir.

The food options at The Sudd are also a step above your typical coffee shop fair, with plenty of options for varying dietary restrictions, be it vegan, paleo, or gluten free. I had a slice of the paleo carrot cake, which did not disappoint.

So often, when picking vacation destinations, one is forced to chose between natural beauty and beautiful coffee. In the case of Antalya, you can have it both ways at The Sudd Coffee.

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