Morocco to Host First National Aeropress Competition

Every year, baristas and home brewers from around the world compete for one of the most coveted titles in coffee competitions: the World Aeropress Championship. I myself threw my hat into the ring once, only to experience the agony of defeat in the semifinal round of the 2016 US Aeropress championship. (You can try my not-quite winning recipe here.) Up until this year, though, Morocco has never held a sanctioned Aeropress competition. But that’s about to change.

After teaching several SCA courses in Morocco last year, I was excited to learn Bloom Coffee in Marrakech was organizing the Morocco’s first national Aeropress competition. I reached out to the event organizers to see if I could learn a little more about the event

For those not familiar, what is an Aeropress competition?

The WAC is a fun, laid back event focused on one question: Who can brew the best cup of coffee using an AeroPress?

What does it mean for Morocco’s growing coffee scene to host this competition for the first time?

This is going to be a huge community builder for the Moroccan coffee community. It will certainly be the largest event so far for filter coffee fans.

Tell us about Bloom. How did you get this opportunity?

Bloom was started in 2016 because at that time over 90% of coffee imported into Morocco was robusta. The founders saw an exciting opportunity to introduce freshly roasted specialty grade arabica in Morocco. Over the years we have slowly grown and began building a community of supports. This lead to the WAC reaching out to us this year to ask us to host the first National Moroccan Aeropress Championship.

What do you hope it accomplishes for the Moroccan coffee community?

Before we were offered to host, we had already been discussing hosting some sort of coffee competition because comps are great places for bringing people together with the same affinity to meet, collaborate, and share ideas. That’s why we jumped on the opportunity to gather this growing community together.


The first national Moroccan Aeropress Championship will take place on October 1st at M Bacha, 2 Derb Dekkak, Marrakech 40000, Morocco. 

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