NanoFoamer PRO Promises Easier Microfoam

Everyone wants to be able to pour gorgeous latte art, but that requires immaculate microfoam. Having trained hundreds of baristas how to do that, I can say that it typically requires an expensive espresso machine and hours of practice to get the technique down.

But a new Kickstarter project is seeking to bring cafe-quality microfoam to the home barista community. The NanoFoamer PRO is an automatic Hands-Free Microfoam maker that promises to “prepare premium microfoamed milk for your coffee at the touch of a button.” The appliance creates microfoam by heating and aerating the milk. Larger bubbles are forced through a mesh filter to create the sort of microfoam specialty coffee drinkers expect in a cappuccino or latte. The NanoFoamer PRO offers the ability to vary the amount of foam created and the temperature of the milk.

With 27 days left in their campaign, Singapore-based Subminimal has already raised more the $300,000 for their project. With devices such as the Flair Espresso Maker making cafĂ©-quality espresso more accessible to home baristas, it’s exciting to consider a world where latte art isn’t just for baristas.

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