Nine Reasons You Need Some Cafiza in Your Life


Are you tired of coffee stains on everything you own? Lucky for you there is a miracle substance known to every coffee professional worth their ‘spro and its name is Cafiza. No, unfortunately for us, this isn’t a sponsored post. It’s just the culmination of a multi-year love affair between¬†an obsessive barista and the best cleaning supply on the market. In fact, we’ve identified no less than nine reasons you need some Cafiza in your life.

1. Cafiza will remove any and all coffee stains

This patented blend of sodium percarbonate is specially formulated to obliterate coffee stains. We’re fairly certain it could dissolve a whole coffee bean given enough time.

2. Your thermos wasn’t that color when you bought it

You might think the inside of your stainless steel tumbler is matte black, but that’s actually just a year’s worth of coffee oils. Add a tablespoon of Cafiza, fill with hot water, and get ready for your jaw to drop when you dump it out.


3. That myth about not cleaning your coffee pot is a myth

There’s an urban legend that you should “season” your coffee pot by not cleaning it. This is not only untrue, but disgusting. Would you season your wine glass with leftover wine? What about your blender? You can’t make good coffee with dirty equipment. Use some Cafiza and taste the difference.

4. Soap is basically useless

You can scrub all day, but soap and water simply isn’t going to dissolve those pesky coffee oils.

5. After you’ve mastered latte art, juggling Cafiza bottles is a good way to impress customers.


Plus it’s a lot safer than juggling lattes.

6. It works on clothes

Bummed you got a coffee stain on your favorite shirt? Cafiza is perfectly safe to use with laundry.

7. You don’t have to scrub

Seriously, just a five minute soak, a quick rinse, and you’re done.

8. Your spouse will think you got them a new V60 as an early birthday present


Warning: your spouse might also think you splurged on yet another coffee device.

9. Just get some Cafiza already

Do you really need a ninth reason? Stop drinking dirty coffee and get some Cafiza already.

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