Perfect Coffee and Eggs at Miami’s All Day

I hate drinking coffee on an empty stomach. Most mornings, if I had to choose between a cup of perfectly brewed Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe and two eggs over medium, I wouldn’t even hesitate, though I would likely find myself longing for the floral aromatics of my favorite coffee origin as I licked the last bits of runny yolk off the plate.

Thanks to All Day, residents of Miami don’t have to choose between a good breakfast and good coffee. 

All Day is a café from barista Camila Ramos, formerly of local roaster Panther Coffee. I first met Ramos at the 2014 Big Eastern Barista Competition, when she left me and the rest of the competition far behind, taking first place with a very comfortable margin. She went on to take fifth place at nationals. I was very impressed by Ramos’s routine, but when I walked into All Day I realized Ramos was just getting warmed up.

Ramos’s inspiration for All Day came from the bodegas of her native Cuba. Whether it’s the iconic four-panel window or the substantive food menu, All Day marries traditional Cuban coffee culture with the best of the Third Wave. Roasters from as far afield as Bellingham, Washington’s Camber Coffee and Wisconsin’s Ruby Coffee Roasters are part of the line-up.

Although the coffee is first-rate, the real star at All Day is the food menu, centered around different egg preparations. I opted for the poached option: a rice congee topped with morel mushrooms, crispy sage, and, of course, a perfectly poached egg. The portion was generous, and the combination of flavors intriguing. After skipping breakfast to catch a red eye flight, it was exactly the substantive lunch my stomach craved before digging into my cup of autodrip.

The coffee menu is conspicuously written out in neon, including a mysterious ??? designation for a rotating signature drink. Espresso drinks are prepared on a custom 5-group La Marzocco espresso machine, which combines the control of a Strada EP with the repeatability of a Linea AV. 

All Day is not just the sort of café we would frequent, it’s the coffee shop we wish we opened. With a food menu every bit as good as the coffee, All Day is a coffee shop worth watching. Besides, you probably didn’t need an excuse to visit Miami.

7 thoughts on “Perfect Coffee and Eggs at Miami’s All Day

  1. I absolutely love eggs. And Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee as well. this sound slick a fantastic place. Interesting she chose to use other people’s coffee instead of roasting her own. I wonder some times if there is just a limit to what one person can do. If the food is the star, that takes up a lot of time and effort. Maybe there are plans for a roaster in the future?

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Even I like to eat eggs before having my good coffee. It looks real fantastic. I am also excited to have wonderful coffee in this shop with a great lunch.

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