Queue Up Your Coffee Like Netflix with Crema.co

IMG_2631Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of coffee subscriptions out there. Whether it’s through a roaster or assembled by a third party, each promises to send freshly roasted coffee to your doorstep. Only one problem: you usually get stuck with some coffee that isn’t your favorite. Rather than going into the grinder, it’s destined to sit around your kitchen a couple of months and finally get tossed at the behest of your spouse/roommate/life partner. Unless you’re subscription is with Crema.co

Crema.co allows you to set a “brewlist,” i.e. a make a queue of coffees that will be delivered at the frequency of your choosing. Currently, Crema partners with eight different roasters which offer a fairly diverse selection of coffees, from light, fruity single origins to darker, Italian roasts for more traditional palates.


Crema.co graciously provided us with a free month’s subscription and we were happy to put their service to the test. We found their website easy to navigate, the brewlist easy to manage, and we enjoyed the naturally processed Panamanian coffee we ordered. We would like to see more options on the lighter end of the spectrum, but fans of medium roast coffees are spoilt for choice. Anyone looking for a coffee subscription service where the user stays in the driver seat would do well to chose Crema.co.


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