The Pour-Over Recipe the Entire Coffee World is Talking About

Almost every major coffee roaster has published a pour-over tutorial, and they’re basically all the same. Medium grind, 1:16 ratio, bloom, stir, slow pour, three to four minutes. You get the picture.

In the face of such hum drum monotonousness, perhaps it’s little wonder this brew guide from Adult Swim-affiliated Youtuber Rebecca Brand is creating such a stir in the coffee world.

Brand’s quirky, enthusiastic presentation and shameless product placement for JavaPresse’s hand grinder and pour-over dripper, make it fun edu-tainment for the whole family. And some of the biggest names in the coffee industry are buzzing about it.

The brew guide is close to three years old, but only recently went viral in specialty coffee circles, seemingly in response to Charlotte-based coffee educator Diana Mnatsakanyan-Sapp sharing this tweet.

The Southern California-based content creator even has fellow Youtuber, and former World Barista Champion, James Hoffmann thinking about throwing in the towel.

If you liked Rebecca Brand’s pour-over guide, she has dozens of other coffee related videos, including DIY cold brew, cappuccinos, and even roasting. We certainly hope Zachary Carlsen gets his behind-the-scenes interview with her.

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