The Top Three Recipes from the 2018 Turkish Aeropress Championship

The Aeropress enjoys a cult following around the globe, and Turkey is no exception. We recently were on hand for the 2018 Turkish Aeropress Championship in Istanbul, which attracted baristas from as far afield as Ankara and Izmir to see who was the best at making coffee with a plastic tube. 

Each competitor was given the same coffee– Luis Gonzalez, Peru roasted by Probador Colectiva — and tasked with making the best brew possible. We tasted some great recipes throughout the two-day event, but these were the top three, with Kemal Kitapçı from Istanbul’s Coffee Society taking top honors: a trip to Sydney, Australia for the World Aeropress Championship. The competition took place at Astoria AVM, with a poster from coffee design studio STNDRD Makers, featuring one of Istanbul’s many iconic cats. Judges included World Cezve Champion Turgay Yıldızlı and two-time Turkish barista champion Nisan Ağca.

1. Kemal Kitapçı

25 grams of coffee
175 ml. of 83 celsius water
2 Aeropress filters
Bloom coffee with 50 grams of water for 30 seconds.
Add remaining water, stir.
Place plunger to create vacuum.
After two minutes, slowly press for 20-30 seconds.
Stop pressing once you hear the hissing sound.
Dilute brew with 60-75 ml. bypass.

2. Ahmet Sait

25 grams coffee, grind on Comandante hand grinder (“click” 35)
Pınar Madran brand water, 80 celsius.
Bloom coffee with 70 ml. of water for 45 seconds.
Add 90 ml. more water.
At 1:15 slowly press for 45 seconds.
Add 100 ml. bypass to brew.
Cool beverage to 54 degrees celsius.

3. Aslı Yalçın

16 grams coffee
210 ml. water, 84 celsius
Medium-coarse grind (“12” on EK43)
Bloom coffee with 60 grams of water for 35 seconds.
At 2:00 press gently for 15 seconds.

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