Gear Review: ThermoPop Thermometer

thermopop review

Isolating Variables

I was recently chatting with a friend about some of the variables that go into brewing coffee. I started explaining the process of how I begin by weighing my coffee, then boiling filtered water using an electric kettle, and then I check the temperature with my thermometer. “Whoa,” he interjected. “That’s a little much.” After explaining the importance of temperature on coffee extraction, he still was a little skeptical, but was interested to know how this might actually affect the end product: a delicious cup of craft coffee.

It’s conversations like this that give us satisfaction to recommend the coffee products we use every day and is one of the main reasons we started the Coffee Compass. But enough talk of these idyllic, blogger-producing conversations, you wanna know about this shiny new, affordable thermometer: the ThermoPop

The Specs

The guys over at ThermoWorks sent us a free ThermoPop to put to the test. It may be April, but it’s already near the top of our list to purchase some Christmas presents for the baristas in our lives. While inferior in some ways to its larger, more expensive cousin the ThermaPen, the ThermoPop has:

  • 2° accuracy
  • 5-6 second response time
  • -58 to 572°F (-50 to 300°C) temperature range
  • Rotating lighted display.

The Pros

Custom Kettle Ready

The ThermoPop is fast, accurate to two degrees, and custom tailored to fit inside the Hario Buono Kettle lid perfectly. These features complement the ThermaPen, which is handheld and doesn’t fit into the Buono Kettle. The hands-free ThermoPop can sit in a kettle while it is heating up, which means it’s perfect to pair with an induction burners. Watch out for those of you with Kalita kettles, you might find yourself drilling a hole in the top!

Durable and Cafe Ready

We can only imagine that the ThermoPop was named after a lollipop. It may look like candy, but the thing is durable and lightweight. We’ve only used it at home, but we think the ThermoPop’s low price point and sturdy build quality make it perfect for a cafe environment.

The Cons

Maybe this is expecting too much, but the display does not rotate automatically. The heat source you’re measuring (especially hot liquid) is almost always going to be below your hand which increases the chances of burning yourself on steam. So be careful, home brewers!

Conclusion – It just [thermo] works

The ThermoPop is a great, entry-level thermometer for home brewing coffee or even checking meat temperatures while cooking. Our expertise lies in coffee, and we strongly recommend baristas on a budget (i.e. can’t afford the ThermaPen), to grab this bad boy.

The Coffee Compass is proud to be affiliated with ThermoWorks. 

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