This Video about Great Coffee in Aarhus, Denmark is Hauntingly Beautiful

Great Coffee Aarhus

2015 is turning into the year of mid-length coffee films. After sharing Cafe Imports’s new series about Ethiopia and Kávékalmár origin trip to Costa Rica, we decided to lay off the video posts- but then we stumbled upon this gem from Aarhus, Denmark’s Great Coffee. The evocative cinematography, haunting soundtrack, and compelling main character made it too good to not share. Danish coffee was long been a pacesetter for both coffee quality and café design, but Aarhus’s coffee scene has largely been eclipsed by Copenhagen, an intentional Mecca for coffee pilgrims  thanks to innovative companies such as The Coffee Collective. This film centers around Søren Stiller Markussen, the founder, head roaster, and lead barista of Great Coffee. We watch as the repeat Danish barista champion roasts coffee, does yoga in Costa Rica, café crawls around Brooklyn, and even swims in the tumultuous North Sea. Kinfolk, eat your heart out.

The Film About GreatCoffee from Søren Markussen on


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