Three Coffee Podcasts You Need in Your Life

coffee podcasts

We’re currently in a golden age of coffee media. Never before have there been so many independent documentaries, cable television shows, magazines, or websites dedicated to a non-alcoholic beverage. Thankfully, coffee podcasts are no exception. We can’t think of a better way to redeem the time spent commuting or washing your dishes than downloading the latest episode of one of these three top-notch coffee podcasts. 

I Brew My Own Coffee


Co-hosted by Instagram celebrities Brian Beyke and Bryan Schiele, I Brew My Own Coffee is a podcast for home brewers by home brewers. Far from amateur, I Brew My Own Coffee manages to fill each episode with dense content while remaining approachable and entertaining. Whether it’s the monthly discussions of their current favorite coffees or their interviews with leading coffee professionals, Brian and Bryan keep each episode as dynamic and interesting as a fresh crop Ethiopian coffee. If that weren’t enough, I Brew My Own Coffee features the highest production quality we’ve seen in the coffee podcast game. A personal favorite is Episode 32, which features Wilford Lamastus of the famed coffee farm Elida Estate. Lamastus shares a fascinating oral history of specialty coffee in Panama, including how his family’s prized coffee farm once only grew onions!

Cat & Cloud


What do you get when you mix a few decades of specialty coffee experience with laid-back California vibes? The thousands of subscribers to the Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast already know. Cohosts Chris Baca and Jared Truby have a collective C.V. that reads like a who’s who of the specialty coffee industry. More importantly their voice has a timbre and wit seldom heard in the industry. Whether it’s why espresso is getting too light or why you need to put a mocha back on your menu, Baca and Truby are not afraid to give it to you straight, even while maintaining a playful, compassionate tone that makes for some easy listening.

Coffee Jobs

Coffee podcasts

As a former World Barista Champion, cofounder of one of England’s best coffee roasters, and author of the most important book about coffee ever, James Hoffmann knows something about making a career in the coffee industry. Whether you’re an aspiring barista trying to get your foot in the door or a small business owner looking for better hiring practices, Hoffmann’s new podcast Coffee Jobs is for you. In the first episode Hoffmann chats with Colin Harmon, owner of Dublin’s 3FE. From writing a better résumé to hustling behind the bar, Harmon and Hoffmann offer valuable pointers for novice and veteran baristas alike.

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