Aeropress Clear

Aeropress Releases New Aeropress Clear

One of the most iconic modern coffee makers just got a makeover. Longtime readers of are no strangers to the Aeropress. In fact, this humble coffee blog has published one of the more popular recipes on the internet.

In recent years we’ve seen a more portable version released with the Aeropress Go, and the innovation continues with the new Aeropress Clear. Perhaps we shouldn’t expect anything less from legendary inventor Alan Adler.

The Aeropress Clear offers a big upgrade in materials (and price!) from the standard Aeropress. Made from TRITAN plastic, the Aeropress Clear promises improved durability and temperature resistance. As someone who has always felt a little weird about pouring piping hot water into a plastic tube, greater temperature resistance certainly feels like a good thing. It also looks really cool.

The Aeropress Clear is for sale for $49.95 at

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