Argo Sons Coffee Announces Louisville Expansion

Argo Sons Coffee

Whether it’s making banjos or training horses, Kentuckians prefer to do things for themselves. As I’ve written elsewhere, this Appalachian DIY attitude is behind Louisville’s rich history of coffee roasting.  The most recent addition to Louisville’s long legacy of roasting is Argo Sons Coffee, a (mostly) wholesale-only micro-roaster run by Matt Argo. Over the last several years Argo Sons has carved out a niche providing coffee for many of Louisville’s most beloved coffee shops, including Please and Thank You and Gralehaus. That influence is beginning to be felt internationally as Argo recently served on the jury for Banexport’s Best of Cauca competition.

Argo Sons Coffee

Up until recently Argo Sons has been sharing a space with a used musical instrument store in Louisville’s suburbs. Although the shared space helped the young company raise exposure while keeping costs down, the steady growth of the company has led them to open up their own space in Louisville’s Shelby Park neighborhood. The new space is a collaboration with impact-investors Access Ventures, who announced the expansion yesterday. According to their website:

Access Ventures is working with Argo Sons Coffee to construct a space that not only fills its current needs but that will be able to continue to serve them as they grow. The new space will have offices, storage facilities, a roasting space, and a packaging area. It will also include a coffee lab for customers and the community to learn more about the roasting process and where their coffee comes from.

We’ve long felt like Argo Sons Coffee is one of the most under-rated roasters in the region if not the country. Ever since then-head roaster James Tooill placed sixth at the 2014 US Brewers Cup, we’ve expected big things for the company. With their new roastery, Argo Sons is finally poised to receive the attention they deserve. We’re just glad we’re only a short bike ride away.

All photos courtesy of Access Ventures.

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