Check Out the Acaia Coffee Brewing Scale on Kickstarter

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We’ve written more than once about how important a good scale is for brewing. In fact, after a good grinder, it’s probably the most important piece of brewing equipment you own. We’ve reviewed some really excellent scales before, but we’ve yet to see a definitive scale produced.

Enter the Acaia Coffee Brewing Scale

A new coffee scale on Kickstarter might just change that. The Acaia Coffee Brewing Scale advertises to have all of the features we’ve ever wanted in a scale, plus a few we haven’t thought of,¬†including:

  • 0.1 of a gram accuracy (no more of this half-gram nonsense.)
  • Touch-sensitive buttons to eliminate coffee grounds or moisture ruining your scale.
  • Flat, silicone bottom to ensure a level surface, ergo an accurate reading.
  • Programable auto-off, so your scale doesn’t shut off while brewing (we hate that!!)
  • Eco-friendly rechargeable battery. ¬†(nothing is more annoying than having to go buy batteries before brewing coffee).

Perhaps most impressively, the scale can communicate with your smartphone via bluetooth. Acaia is developing a coffee brewing app that will synchronize with the scale, which will time the brew and calculate the water/coffee ratio. The small foot print and minimalist design complete the package.

Acaia Coffee Brewing Scale

In all, the Acaia Coffee Brewing Scale sounds like a coffee geek’s dream. But is it too good to be true? Well, we’re not waiting around to find out. We backed this project, and if it’s successful, you can expect a full review from us in the future.

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