You Can Back The First Coffee Competition Documentary

Coffee competition documentary

Here at the Compass we like to joke that barista competitions would make an excellent subject for a Christopher Guest film. Evidently, the subject has attracted the attention of at least one independent filmmaker.  Drip is a new documentary from director Rock Baijnauth. The film “looks at the amazing world of coffee competitions and the quirky baristas who compete in them.”

coffee competition documentary

The film follows several baristas training for the 2013 US Barista Championship. Judging from the poster above and the trailer below, Charles Babinski emerges as one of the key characters.  Considering we had to follow the competition on a glitchy livestream, it’s pretty awesome to watch the trailer in all of its high definition glory.

Baijnauth and company are attempting to crowd source the remaining funds to back the project on Kickstarter. Watch the trailer below and click here to donate to what is surely the world’s first full-length coffee competition documentary.

Read a full interview with the filmmakers on Tonx’s blog.

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