Learn How to Brew an Aeropress with Koppi

Koppi Aeropress

The Coffee Compass has a serious coffee crush on Koppi in Helsingborg, Sweden. One of our first posts was a review of the coffee IPA they produced with Mikkeller. Since then, we’ve tried some of their delicious, Scandinavian-light roasted coffee, and we have to say, the first crack never tasted so good. We’re also a big fan of wearing their Indian head t-shirt to coffee events and getting mad props from those in the know.  Although we’ve never actually been to their Helsingborg cafe, we can read blog posts and plot our dream Nordic cafe crawl.

Even if you’re not visiting Sweden in the near future, you can at least learn how to brew an Aeropress in this awesome video with Koppi co-founder Anne Lunell. The video was produced by Tim Ciasto and features some nice, smooth jazz. So grab an Aeropress, order some of their coffee, and get brewing!

KOPPI – AeroPress Brewing from Tim Ciasto on Vimeo.

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