Slayer Steams It Up With New Espresso Machine

Slayer Steam

Latte artists, meet your dream machine. Seattle’s Slayer Espresso has released a new espresso machine that promises to revolutionize how baristas prepare milk beverages. The new Slayer Steam uses proprietary patent-pending technology to create milk that is reportedly sweeter with an improved texture. According to their press release:

Slayer’s Steam machine presents the first modern development to focus on the interaction with milk. The patent-pending Vaporizer™ creates dry steam at custom temperatures, enabling coffee professionals to coax out unseen levels of gloss, sweetness, and creaminess. Slayer Research and Development partnered with professional baristas to design an ideal workflow and ergonomics, reimagining user interface, steam actuation, accent materials, and cord management. Espresso extraction is managed through customized volumetrics, increasing efficiency and consistency.

The Slayer Steam has four different preset steam settings, allowing the barista to use different pressures for different volumes of milk. Any barista who has attempted to steam milk for a macchiato or cortado without any waste knows how useful this feature could be.

Slayer Steam
Slayer rose to prominence thanks to their cutting edge design and proprietary needle valve water delivery system. This unique approach to espresso allows for finer espresso grounds and longer brew times. Many Slayer advocates argue this higher extraction allows them to use a filter roasted coffees as espresso, opening up a new world of potential flavor. But minute-long, fully manual shots are not well suited for a high-volume café, and many Slayer owners have resorted to pulling faster, more conventional shots.

The Slayer Steam represents Slayer’s first foray into the world of volumetrics. The specialty market is increasingly demanding efficiency and repeatability over customization, as seem in the popularity of espresso machines like the La Marzocco Linea PB. For many years Slayer was the champion of manual paddles, where the barista fully controls the shot in real time. But the Steam represents Slayer listening and responding to their customers.  Slayer will continue to offer their fully manual needle valve machines, which will be called Slayer Espresso.

Slayer Steam

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  1. Patent Pending on a Steam Super Heater? Now if only they had those things on locomotives back in the Steam era – oh, wait up! They did!

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