Sourced: A Short Film About Rio Jorco in Costa Rica

Rio Jorco Costa Rica

Whether it’s filming the inside of a coffee roaster or conducting freakish scientific experiments with a moka pot, Hungarian coffee filmographers Kávékalmár love to explore unchartered territory. Their latest and most ambitious project, Sourced, offers an in depth look at Hacienda Rio Jorco and its sister company the Rio Jorco Processing Plant.

Rio Jorco Cupping
Hacienda Rio Jorco is a coffee farm in the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica that has belonged to the Alfaro family for three generations. Today, Hacienda Rio Jorco is raising the bar for coffee quality, employee compensation, and environmental impact. Sourced follows the coffee being picked, processed, and bagged to be shipped to overseas markets. Along the way we get both an intimate look at the lives of the laborers on the farm and breathtaking ariel shots captured with a drone (which provides plenty of enjoyment for the Alfaro brothers). We’ve long enjoyed coffees from Costa Rica. Gábor Laczkó and company have us wanting to buy an airline ticket and see it for ourselves.

SOURCED from Kavekalmar on Vimeo.

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