Take a Look at the Hartmann Family Farm in Panama

This last holiday season we splurged and got ourselves a special Christmas present: the Hartmann Geisha Series from Calgary-based coffee roasters Phil & Sebastian. The special seasonal offer featured one coffee variety processed three different ways: washed, natural, and honey. This rare opportunity to experience exactly what impact processing has on flavor was possible due to the forward-thinking Hartmann family in Santa Clara, Panama.

Hartmann family

Phil & Sebastian recently released a short film that offers an intimate look at life on the Hartmann family’s farm.  Few coffee farmers get the opportunity to taste their own coffee, but the Hartmann family has their own quality-control lab, complete with a two-barrel sample roaster. The fact that Ratibor Hartmann is a certified Q Grader is practically unheard of. It’s coffee farmers like the Hartmann family that make it an exciting time to be a coffee consumer.

You can order coffee grown by the Hartmanns on Phil & Sebastian’s webstore.

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