Vice City Bean Brings Madcap Coffee to Miami Food Hall

Vice City Bean

We live in the age of the food hall. All around the globe, property developers are converting old industrial spaces into massive temples of gastronomy. Pick a city, any city, and you’ll likely find a refurbished factory or warehouse, complete with a cheesemonger, French patisserie, and at least one “elevated street food concept.”

Miami residents need look no further than The Citadel, which claims to be the largest such food hall in South Florida. In addition to the usual food hall suspects, it’s home to the second location for local coffee company Vice City Bean.

True to its name, Vice City has a distinctly Miami vibe, with its bold, geometric tiles and neon-emblazed merchandise. The coffee, however, comes via Grand Rapid, Michigan’s Mapcap Coffee. We had a tasty shot of espresso, prepared with Vice City’s Modbar espresso machine and served in a pink-hued shot glass.

When we asked about retail coffee options, the barista came from around the bar to walk us through each coffee– a nice touch of hospitality that helped set our experience at Vice City apart. Thanks to our barista’s advice, we went home with a delicious coffee from Honduras producer Nelson Moreno.

In a city of vices, good coffee is certainly one of Miami’s virtues. The excellent service and all around good vibes make Vice City Bean a welcome addition to Miami’s thriving coffee scene.


One thought on “Vice City Bean Brings Madcap Coffee to Miami Food Hall

  1. I appreciate Vice City Bean’s unique and exciting coffee experience, with its Miami-inspired decor and Madcap Coffee. The knowledgeable baristas and warm atmosphere make it a great addition to Miami’s coffee culture.

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