Watch Coffee Trees Sprout in This Trippy New Video

SproutWhat happens when you plant 100 coffee cherries you picked in Costa Rica? Turns out some pretty crazy stuff. Kávékalmár, the same creative team behind these genre-defining short films, just released a project 150 days in the making.

SPROUT – BABNEVELDE from Kavekalmar on Vimeo.

Edited down from over 200,000 frames of footage, SPROUT features a time elapse of the first months of a coffee tree’s life. We watch as coffee beans eerily emerge from the soil in an almost zombie-like fashion. Then, in a surprise burst of color, the first leaves appear.

For all the seed-to-cup education that has taken place over the last decade, few coffee drinkers have any meaningful connection to the agricultural processes that produce their morning cup. SPROUT offers a rare glimpse at those first, precious steps. Hats off to Gabor Laczko and company, who continue to outdo themselves!

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