Coffee and Cycling

I don’t have any academic sociological studies to back this up, but I’ve noticed that people who ride bikes are more likely to enjoy craft coffee, or perhaps the converse is more accurate. Either way, the evidence is staggering: Intelligentsia made a cycling cap (which almost immediately sold out), the Coffee Collective made some limited edition demis for the Bike Film Festival, famed headset builder Chris King made a tamper, and, perhaps most convincingly, the bike rack in front of your favorite cafe is probably full — I know mine is.

But the relationship between cycling and coffee has reached a new level now that pro-BMX rider Kevin Porter is working for Chicago’s latest craft coffee roaster, Bowtruss. Porter, who brews at home with a Hario V60, will continue to be a professional BMXer but also sell coffee for Bowtruss (scoop an interview from a BMX perspective here).  I for one hope this means we’ll see more flat-billed caps in your local craft coffee shop.

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